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JUFA World Champion at the 2019 Universiade

JUFA World Champion at the 2019 Universiade

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Japan University Football Association team is World Champion.

The team that came to Italy, in August 2018, became yesterday the World Champion at the 2019 Summer Universiade that took place in Naples. The Japanese University Football Team end this tournament with a strong victory for 4-1 against Brazil in the final.

The Japanese students had only a moment of difficulty in the semifinal against Italy withwhich they won at penalty kicks after the result of 3-3 in the regular time.

JUFA chose Sport Events Society in the August of 2018 to try to practice in the best way to recreate the climate conditions of the 2019 Universiade that they should have found one year later in Italy. The group, so professional and preparred under all the points of view, had the opportunity to play against the first teams of Cremonese, Sud-Tirol and against the Primavera Teams of Perugia and Napoli, well playing in all these matches.


Congratulations again to Japan University Football Association!