Himeji Dokkyo University in Cittadella

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Himeji Dokkyo University male football team in Italy.

2019 starts for SES with one best client of its: Himeji Dokkyo University coached by Shoji Chikara  comes back in Italy for the third consecutive season for another full immersion in our football.

Himeji University's students, frome Hyogo Prefecture, have chosen the little city of Cittadella for the training sessions and they should land this afternoon.

The Japanese team, composed  by thirty people (staff and players), will play against Primavera's teams of A.S. Cittadella, Padova Calcio and Vicenza. the group will also watch the Serie A match Bologna-Genoa and the Serie B match Cittadella-Spezia.

Like every internship we will update our social media channels.

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