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Alberto Zaccheroni visiting SES Perugia Academy

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Alberto Zaccheroni visiting SES Perugia Academy.

On Friday November 11th the boys of SES Perugia Academy, the football school of the Sport Events Society, had the very pleasant surprise of receiving Alberto Zaccheroni during their training session.

Coach Zaccheroni honored us with his presence by meeting our CEO Giampaolo Colautti with whom he worked from 2010 to 2014 at the helm of the Japan Football Association national team, winning the Asian Cup in 2011 in Qatar and with the United Arab Emirates national football team achieving a bronze medal in the 2019 Asian Cup.
The occasion was precious for our boys as they were able to take advantage of the very useful advice of a professional figure, both on and off the pitch, such as Alberto Zaccheroni.
The football coach, with many important experiences among the best Italian and national clubs, also spoke of how important it is for the young footballers' social and sporting growth the possibility of dealing with different cultures which, to different extents, they can enrich the cultural/sporting baggage of young players.

Sport Events Society in Saudi Arabia

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Sport Events Society in Saudi Arabia.

The journey that saw our CEO Giampaolo Colautti, as well as President of SES Perugia Academy, having very important and prestigious meetings in Saudi Arabia has just ended.

As President of the SES Perugia Academy, he had the honor of being welcomed, together with our Italian partners of APSI Sport, Technology Soccer School and LTA Agency Football Management, at some of the most important and prestigious sporting and non-sporting companies/clubs of the country of the Persian Gulf in order to start possible future professional collaborations.

During the week-long trip, our CEO visited Ryad's Al Nassr Saudi Club, Khobar's Al Qadsiah Club, Saudi Aramco in Dhahran and Alkifah Academy in Khobar and Ryad.

We thank the aforementioned companies for their warm welcome and availability.

Sport Events Society visiting CD Leganés

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Sport Events Society and CD Leganés together to grow.

An important collaboration is developing on the Italy-Spain front. Our CEO Giampaolo Colautti had the pleasure of getting to know the reality of Club Deportivo Leganés, in the autonomous community of Madrid and currently playing in the Spanish Segunda División.

The opportunity was useful to visit the sports center of the team and the home stadium: both avant-garde facilities that put at the center of all the quality of the team trainings.

During his stay in Madrid, Giampaolo Colautti and the management of the Spanish club laid the foundations for potential future collaborations ranging from the technical to the sports tourism side, to the development of a project for the internationalization of the brand CD Leganés in Japan.

Thanks to the board of the CD Leganés for the hospitality.

Sport Events Society's Live

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Sport Events Society and its Facebook/Youtube Live calls.

The Covid-19 emergency has caused a lot of damage both in terms of health and at a commercial level and SES, for its part, wanted to contribute, after the cancellations of some tinternships by our Japanese customers, with the organization of some Live calls with prestigious guests.

In the first live we had Miguel Rodrigo, Technical Director of Real Federación Andaluza de Fútbol, ​​and Silvio Crisari current Coach of the Futsal National Team of Norway to discuss the issue of the development of futsal and the relationship with football in the sport growth of the young athletes.

In the second live Alberto Zaccheroni intervened with his staff with Stefano Agresti and Eugenio Albarella to retrace the stages of their adventure in Japan with the victory of the Asian Cup in 2011.

Roberto Donadoni, the current coach of Shenzhen F.C., explained in the third call how China is recovering in terms of health and football after the crisis due to the Coronavirus.

The following calls we had other important guests as Eiji Kawashima, goalkeeper of Strasbourg, with Maurizio Guido, Goalkeepers Coach of the staff of Alberto Zaccheroni, and Massimo Tarantino, former A.S Roma Youth Sector Director and Massimiliano Farris, Simone Inzaghi's assistant coach at S.S. Lazio.

The next appointment will see Alfredo Pasini and Simone Beccaccioli as guests to explain the precious role of the Match Analyst in modern football: Tuesday 19 May, at 19.00, on the Facebook and Youtube channels of the Sport Events Society.