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Sport Events Society in Saudi Arabia

Sport Events Society in Saudi Arabia

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Sport Events Society in Saudi Arabia.

The journey that saw our CEO Giampaolo Colautti, as well as President of SES Perugia Academy, having very important and prestigious meetings in Saudi Arabia has just ended.

As President of the SES Perugia Academy, he had the honor of being welcomed, together with our Italian partners of APSI Sport, Technology Soccer School and LTA Agency Football Management, at some of the most important and prestigious sporting and non-sporting companies/clubs of the country of the Persian Gulf in order to start possible future professional collaborations.

During the week-long trip, our CEO visited Ryad's Al Nassr Saudi Club, Khobar's Al Qadsiah Club, Saudi Aramco in Dhahran and Alkifah Academy in Khobar and Ryad.

We thank the aforementioned companies for their warm welcome and availability.